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Doctor Home-9100 is a lymphatic drainage pressotherapy machine
that comes with a pair of pneumatic cuffs for the legs with 4 pneumatic chamber per cuff and 3 preset programs

DoctorHome 9100

  • Firm Air Compression

Doctor Home-9100 is a specialized pressotherapy machine that assures the lymphatic drainage through firm air compression, which is the equivalent of a therapists expert hands. It’s basic function is to improve the sanguine and lymphatic circulation of the legs, arms and torso by performing a lymphatic drainage through pressotherapy. The machine successively inflates and deflates the pneumatic chambers of the cuffs through air compression.

  • Amelioration of medical issues

The Doctor Home-9100 pressotherapy machine is especially efficient in the amelioration of certain medical issues (with medical assistance in some cases):

  • Acute edema (post operation or burn injury);
  • Chronic edema (based on a venous insufficiency);
  • Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI);
  • Lymphedema (Lymphatic edema);
  • Post paralysis treatment.
  • Effortless usage

The Doctor Home-9100 pressotherapy machine is easy to set up and operate. The lymphatic drainage is effortless and user friendly. All you have to do is turn on the device and set the program, while the patient benefits from the various pressotherapy treatments.

  • Circulatory issues & Wellness & Beauty

The Doctor Home Uam-9100 pressotherapy device is recommended especially for the amelioration of the circulatory problems, however it has an important role in enhancing the results of body remodeling and anti cellulite treatments:

  • Health issues caused by poor sanguine circulation;
  • Excess body fat and cellulite;
  • A firmer skin and a healthier body;
  • Post workout treatment;
  • Great for the weak, elderly, tired or those suffering of insomnia.

Technical Specifications
MAXSTAR UAM-9100 DoctorHome

Pressure: 30 – 200mmHg (±10%)
Lymphatic drainage treatment duration: 5-95 minutes
Available massage programs: 3 (A, B, C)
Size: 240 x 120 x 190mm
Weight (without accessories): 4.0kg
Pneumatic boots (2) (delivered in pairs): 4 pneumatic chambers
Optional – Pneumatic cuff for the torso (1): 4 pneumatic chambers
Optional – Pneumatic cuffs for the arms (1): 4 pneumatic chambers.

MAXSTAR DoctorHome UAM 9100

  • A maximum of one pneumatic cuff can be used in the same time;
  • News friendly interface that spares you time and space;
  • 3 preset dynamic programs;
  • Individually customizable pressure for each pneumatic chamber;

Lymphatic drainage Compression



Lymphatic drainage is recommended after every body remodeling treatment as it increases and amplifies their results, thanks to the fact that it accelerates the lymphatic circulation between the intercellular spaces.

Lymphatic drainage performed through pressotherapy can accelerate the lymphatic circulation to up to 10 – 15 times.