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The irreplaceable role of the lymphatic system is to gather the toxins that could not be eliminated from the organism through the venous circulation. Using the lymphatic vessels, the toxins get to the lymphatic ganglions and decompose. The lymphatic system has an extremely important role in the maintenance of our health as it evacuates approximately 20% of our body’s residue.

Thus, a healthy sanguine and lymphatic circulation is mandatory to assure the transport of the nutrients in each cell and the eliminations of the toxins. The sanguine circulation is mainly driven by the heart, yet the lymphatic flux doesn’t have a similar engine. So what is the lymphatic flux mainly driven by?
The lymph can only get to the heart with the help of the muscles as they contract and relax during exercise. This phenomenon is called muscular contraction. The muscle contraction is responsible for getting the toxins from the intercellular space to the lymphatic system.

This function is only possible when the phenomenon of muscular contraction happens properly and consistently. This is the reason why general health, an active lifestyle and a proper sanguine and lymphatic circulation are mandatory. If any of them malfunction, the toxins from the intercellular spaces won’t be eliminated effectively and a liquid retention called edema will form. The untreated edema can lead to serious health issues and a general decrease in life quality, however it is preventable and should be treated immediately.