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Maxstar Uam-12000 (Lympha Master) is a lymphatic drainage system with pressotherapy that offers ,
5 default programs and a set of multifunctional accessories, each with 12 pneumatic chambers.

MaxStar UAM 12000

Maxstar Uam-12000 is the market leader in lymphatic drainage systems with pressotherapy. It offers a digital control system for its 12 individually customizable pneumatic cuffs in order to maximize results. The 5 preinstalled programs offer a large variety of applications, both for the medical and aesthetic domain.

  • Firm air compression

The Maxstar Uam–12000 pressotherapy device is based on light air compression, that offers the same lymphatic drainage as the hands of a trusted expert. The principal function of the pressotherapy machines is to improve the sanguine and lymphatic circulation of the legs, arms and torso, by inflating and deflating the pneumatic chambers of the accessories through air compression.

  • Amelioration of medical issues

The Maxstar Uam-12000  pressotherapy machine is especially efficient in the amelioration of certain medical issues (with medical assistance in some cases):

  • Acute edema (post operation or burn injury);
  • Chronic edema (based on a venous insufficiency);
  • Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI);
  • Lymphedema (Lymphatic edema);
  • Post paralysis treatment.
  • Effortless usage

The Maxstar Uam-1200 pressotherapy machine is easy to install and operate. It is great for a relaxing treatment that doesn’t require any physical effort. All you have to do is turn on the device and set the program, while the patient can enjoy the variety of pressotherapy programs with differential air compression in each pneumatic chamber.

  • Circulatory issues & Wellness & Beauty

The Maxstar Uam-12000 lymphatic drainage device is especially recommended for improving circulatory issues, however it has further applications for both wellness and beauty domains:

  • Detoxification, fat abolishment, anti cellulite treatment, body remodelling;
  • Improvement of the sanguine and lymphatic circulation;
  • Post workout treatment, for muscle soreness and general recovery;
  • Weak physical conditioning, tiredness, insomnia or general life quality improvement;
  • A firmer skin and a healthier body.

Technical Specifications

Pressure: 40-120 mmHg (±20mmHg)
Lymphatic drainage treatment duration: 5-95 minutes (digital type)
Size:410x310x210 mm
Weight (without accessories): 15kg
Aplicator complet picior-talie: 12 camere
The Maxstar Uam-12000 lymphatic drainage pressotherapy machine can be ordered with the following configuration:
• 2x boots (12 pneumatic cuffs)
• 1x pneumatic leggings for the legs and the whole torso (12 pneumatic cuffs)
Optionally you can order a pair of pneumatic cuffs for the arms as well.


  • The device can be used to treat the whole body at the same time, or just bodyparts separately;
  • News friendly interface that spares you time and space;
  • 5 automatic programs, preset for air compression;
  • 12 pneumatic chambers for each pneumatic cuff, all with customizable intensity and treatment duration;
  • Customizable to skip certain pneumatic chambers;
  • Individually customizable pressure for each pneumatic chamber;
  • The device is recommended for medical use.

Lymphatic drainage Compression



Lymphatic drainage is recommended after every body remodeling treatment as it increases and amplifies their results, thanks to the fact that it accelerates the lymphatic circulation between the intercellular spaces.

Lymphatic drainage performed through pressotherapy can accelerate the lymphatic circulation to up to 10 – 15 times