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Regardless of the fat burning treatment that we take part at, the methods may differ, but the results are the same: The fatty acids from our adipose cells get into the intercellular spaces. However, the fact that the fat cells will be eliminated from our organism isn’t at all sure. Many people have issues losing weight because of the fat cells that reappear and reinstall themselves in the body. What can we do to eliminate these cells?

The triglycerides released during the body remodeling treatments and the eventually the decomposed parts of the adipose cells get into the intercellular space. If the body functions in a proper, healthy way, there aren’t any large quantities of fat decomposed then the triglycerides will be transported by the sanguine and lymphatic circulation towards the liver. Afterwards they will be decomposed and the leftovers of the adipose cells will be consumed by phagocytes, the “cleaning agents” of our organism.
The cellular waste will be eliminated on the “natural” ways of the human body. However, if the lymphatic or sanguine circulation malfunctions, the quantity of fat eliminated during the treatment will be too big, or if we consume inadequate foods or liquids after the treatment, the organism will not be able to eliminate the residue caused by fat burning. Eventually this residue will reinstall itself in our body, making our long term weight loss goals impossible.

Besides a proper diet and physical exercise regimen, we can further help our sanguine and lymphatic circulation with a lymphatic drainage massage performed manually or by a specialized device. The correct execution of the lymphatic massage is crucial for our health. This is the reason why it’s worth consulting a professional masseur or salon that’s equipped with a UNIX MAXSTAR™ device. The second method is a painless alternate of the lymphatic massage, great for those that are more sensible to physical pain or have a predisposition for capillary break and would be bruised after the manual lymphatic drainage.
In case that your preferred beauty salon doesn’t have a lymphatic drainage device, it’s important to keep in mind that the UNIX MAXSTAR™ series also offer a range of devices usable at home. These pressotherapy devices stimulate the sanguine and lymphatic circulation through 20 – 30 minute treatment which can be applied in the comfort of your own living room, even in front of the television. These modern machines can increase the lymphatic circulation to up to 50 – 100 times.